The Importance of Elvis to Rock n’ Roll

Rock and Roll, is and was Rock and Roll, because of Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley was able to combine various types of music from his growing up into his own brand that sent Rock and Roll on a fast track to stardom. Elvis began his career as a lowly man, reaching for a dream, eventually becoming a Rocker and one of the most known musicians in history.

Elvis did not immediately become shine into the spotlight when producers first began hearing of him. auditions. After hearing about the kid Presley, Sun Records boss man Sam Phillips extended the opportunity for Elvis to come in for a recording chance. By the end of audition, Elvis was impressive to Phillips when he showed the dynamic enthusiasm in Elvis and his music. Phillips knew this guy was his winner, he felt Elvis could bridge the gap from the old style of music to a whole new style.

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Elvis was able to combine the black and white sound into his music. The way he moved on stage was often seen as unsavory to many people who were able to see him perform, but this is also what shot him to fame. At first, Elvis was influenced by the country artists at the time. He also was inspired by the gospel music sounds that rang through church when he went with his mother on Sundays.

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Not only was it the combination of music Elvis exerted in his playing, but it was also the way he performed it. He used to move around and shake his body weirdly to entice his audience to keep them entertained and shaking around to his music. People would mimic him and he had a strong influence on his listeners of his music, especially the fans.

Elvis in the interview, was talking about how he was convinced by others to be “Elvis.” He was given advice, and Elvis kept an open mind. He wore crazy outfits as well, something that was not at all in style in the time, and it drew a lot of attention to him. The way he moved, dressed, and sounded was so different ,but it just seemed to work for him, and so well. The fan’s response was so tremendous, and everyone was hearing about him and all of his music, and he became a superstar he is today.

Many times when people refer to their musical influences, Elvis tops the list. He basically was one of the bridges to rock and roll and his playing style has been mimicked for decades, and still will until rock and roll dies. The legacy of Elvis has continued to shine on into the generations of today.

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A quirky little story about the role that Elvis actually played in my life, as a millennial. For my grandparent’s 50th anniversary party at our local church chapter, it was an Elvis themed party. There was Elvis music played throughout the whole event, and even an Elvis impersonator and a live band. This was really one of my first glimpses into the history of Elvis and have been interested in the role that he had on society ever since this event.

If you already do not much about Elvis, I would suggest you at least check out his wikipedia page to get a brief summary on the life he led. I bet you will find that his lifestyle may influence you in some way.

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