The Christmas Carol

I didn’t know what to expect on this production. I had high hopes knowing that this was a very popular play to see each year around Christmas time . The show began with a song piece sung by all the play characters singing about a known man in town. Before the audience met the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, they found out that the Scrooge was a grumpy old cat who hated the holidays. He obviously was not a man who was in the Christmas Spirit, and once he came onto the stage he let everyone know this.

Characters would continuously question the Scrooge on why he hates Christmas so much and he would always respond with a snooty remark to them. He did not have much as much merriness in the holiday season. By saying that line over and over again it let the audience know he was missing the “merry” or “joy” in the Christmas holiday that the rest of the townspeople were all wrapped up in.sac city Christmas carol

Everyone who personally knew Scrooge knew not to mess with him around Christmas time, they all hoped he would enjoy the holidays with them. His little nephew even wanted to have Scrooge over for dinner, but he wasn’t sure if mean old Scrooge would go. Scrooge is home alone on Christmas Eve and seems to be content with himself. In the middle of the night, a ghost with chains wakes Scrooge up and tells him that there will be three more ghosts that would soon visit him that night. The ghosts of Christmas past, ghost of Christmas present, and Christmas future.

Scrooge did not trust the ghost and reluctantly went back to sleep. But then, he was awoken again, by the ghost of his Christmas Past. He saw himself and others in the past and noticed how happy he used to be and everyone treated him nicely. He saw himself and saw that he used to have a happy time during the holidays. This affected Scrooge, but didn’t quite change his opinion of the holiday times. But all of a sudden, another ghost enters the scene, this time, it is the ghost of the Christmas present. The ghost brings Scrooge to his nephew’s Christmas Eve party that Scrooge was invited to, but didn’t attend. The old man comes up in the party talk and the nephew talks about how he feels sorry for him. It was events that happened during this party that made the Scrooge feel remorseful for he was portrayed himself to the people in the town and hasn’t shown affection towards the people that care about him. After the ghost of Christmas presents leave Scrooge alone, he ends up in his room again. The ghost of Christmas present then comes into the scene, seemingly like a grim reaper kind of ghost. He repented to the ghost for all his mistakes and eventually the play ends with Scrooge becoming into the Christmas Spirit.

sac city christmas carols

I was quite bewildered at the quality of the theater production that I had witnessed. The group of actors really seemed to enjoy working with another in the play and I was impressed with the body language of the actors who were either really good at faking enjoying being with each other, or they actually did. I was very high at the beginning of the play believing this was to be an astounding production after all the publicity that this received prior to its opening performance. I was certainly not disappointed. I was surprised at how many older people were a part of the play, believing that this was going to be a young production, but I was not disappointed by them. The actors were great at expressing their emotions and I felt like many of the people had very good voices and were capable of singing well. I think it is very important for an actor to have a powerful voice and have somewhat of a capability to sing.

I would recommend this play to others as it was a particularly strong production by Sac City. The tech crew was fully capable, of all of their duties and I thought they did a good job. I was impressed with the smoke and the crew seemed like they figured out how to get the smoke to disperse from the room very quickly. At one point they forgot to turn the fans on and the smoke sat and some people began trying to wave the smoke from their face. The director then got in on the action and took care of it themselves.

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