Frankenstein Play

When my friends and I attended the Frankenstein play, we were fresh off seeing the play, the Christmas Carol and we had high hopes for the production of Frankenstein, and we were not disappointed. To say it was an astounding production is a vast understatement. The acting, the lighting, and the set were quite impressive compared to other productions of plays that I have seen in my time.

The play begins with the creature being born and he tries to learn how to move and struggles to get to his feet. The creature then begins to move around and meet some people. But as he gets close enough to people and they see what he looks like, they are scared of him and they run away in fear. In this scene, he learns to eat and learns that fire is hot. He is seemingly a fast learner.

frankenstein play

The creature stumbles into a house resided by a man named De Lacy. This is where the creature and De Lacy is intrigued by the creature and seems like he wants to help teach him. Felix’s speaks his first words. De Lacy then begins to teach the creature to read and write over a span of few weeks. He begins to speak in sentences and says that people hate him. Months later, the creature is speaking fully and clearly. He learns of love from De Lacy and says he wants to fall in love with someone like him. De Lacy wants the creature to meet his family. When the creature does, his family is frightened of him and drives him away. The creature comes back to the cottage and proceeds to set fire to the cottage killing De Lacy and his family.


The creature learns that he was created by Victor Frankenstein to be like himself. The creature seeks out the Frankenstein family, and kills Victor’s brother. Victor eventually finds the creature and says he will kill him. The creature says he will cause no more destruction and leave if Victor Frankenstein makes a female mate for the creature. He accepts this challenge and hopes to make her perfect. Victor makes the woman, but doesn’t bring her to life and shows her to the creature. The creature is in awe and wants her to be brought to life claiming he loves her. But Victor then destroys the body hacking into her.

The creature one night comes into Victor’s wife’s room when Victor is not there. He shows the women that he is alive like her, but then rapes and kills her and says that this is what makes him a man now. Victor can’t seem to kill the creature and lets him escape. They appear next with the creature claiming he didn’t ask to be created, and they both disappear into the fog, seemingly to their death.

frankenstein plays

The play appeared to have been executed very well and the actor’s, stage crew, and tech crew seemed like they were very well prepared for the play. It was a deep play dealing with a lot of death, mostly of innocent people and makes the audience frustrated with the outcome of the play, but nevertheless makes the audience “feel,” which I think was the goal of the production. Overall I was happy with my presence at the play and was glad that I attended such a great production with a strong cast and led by a great director.

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