Outside of the Performance

Performance art takes many different types of forms. There is theater, there is choreography dance, there is music performance, there is reading poetry, doing stand up comedy, freestyle rapping, playing an instrument. There are a lot of realms underneath the performance art umbrella.


Dedicating your life to your passion of performance art is actually a very difficult career or even just niche to get noticed in today’s world. Especially in many of the first world countries, which the expansion of technology, different forms of entertainment is taking place. Many people get their daily fixes for entertainment when watching TV, surfing the internet, and playing video games. Compared to times past, entertainment has changed forms, and performing artists are not getting nearly the recognition that they once got hundreds of years ago.

During the times before there were screens that played films, many people would spend their evenings enjoying a show of some sorts, from plays, to musical shows. There are still people who attend these kind of events, but it is much more rare than it once was. For the comedians, the play actors and actresses, it is much more exclusive than it once was to get noticed. People who attend these kind of events are usually a certain kind of person, and not everything has as massive of an audience as before due to the way this economy works, the type of schedules people have, among many other factors.


Most people who are musicians, play actors, and other performing artists usually have to carry another line of work to consistently pay the bills. More often than not, performance art is somewhat treated like a competition, I even compare it to a sport. It is truly  only the best of the performing artists who can truly make a career out of it, so if you are not being compensated enough and have free time, why not pick up another job so you can fund the time to work on accomplishing your dreams.


Most performing artists spent their time performing as a secondary activity during the growing years of their lives. Just like sports, acting or playing a musical instrument among other performing arts is never a full time thing until your get older. More often than not performing arts will go along with many other activities a child will be participating in. It’s pretty much the same when a person gets older. They probably have another job, maybe even participate in sports, raise a family, and have a social life that takes place outside of the studio. Even many of the big Hollywood actors and popular musicians have a life outside of that realm. People have families, they can run other businesses, and they have a social life too. Now although the paparazzi and the people who allow the paparazzi to facilitate may not understand it, there is a lot a person can do with their lives and it doesn’t have to be exclusive to one particular facet of life.


For those people who are struggling to make a career out of your performing art, it is okay if you cannot go 100% of everyday in your performing art. Sometimes being involved in other activities will help you become a well rounded person, and who knows, it could help you get discovered in your performing art by meeting new people. They could very well know someone important in the same field as you and it could help change your life.

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