Touring for Entertainment

There are a multitude of different ways to find entertainment in this world, especially recently as we have fully become involved in this technological age where entertainment is practically the easiest thing to find.

Since I have grown up before the time where TV was the coolest thing to do and the time when people began spending days of their week playing video games, I was going to concerts, plays, and seeing choreographed dance routines. I was a fan of the skill necessary it took to provide me with adequate entertainment value, and I had always admired the abilities of many of the different genres of performing artists.

After becoming fed up with the lifestyle of watching TV and going to work a job day in and day out, I felt the urge to go on a vacation and treat myself to a time of exploring the countries greatest performing art places. These travels led me to a couple different locations on the west coast, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Portland.

My first stop at Portland, I spent the weekend attending various shows around the city, and they all seemed to be quite exquisitely prepared. The Portland shows seemed to draw upper class people especially. Since there was so much to entertain yourself in this city, the people who attended plays were certainly a special kind of people. They were the people that were used to being waited on, and have a valet park their car. I gotta say, it was nice to be treated to that kind of level of luxury. Also, Portland’s public transportation is awesome, and for many of the shows that I did not feel like driving too, it was very simple to plan my route to wherever I wanted to go. They had Lightrails, busses, taxis, bikes, all with the ability to go along the many cools designed roads made up of stamped concrete. Many of Portland’s roads are filled with all different types of people utilizing various ways of transportation, and that included me doing a lot of walking. There are all kinds of people taking advantage of these systems that no doubt improved the city.

portland public transit


The plays were certainly fantastic. I actually knew a couple people in the plays that I attended, and that made it even more of a special experience to enjoy. Having only been to Portland once before in my life, the performing art scene is surely up and coming compared to many other cities, and I think that just has to do with the progressive kind of people living throughout their city. 

After Portland, my flight took me to Las Vegas. When in Las Vegas, the whole vacation can be a show if you want. The scene was spectacular there since I went during a the big season of summer. Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll still seems to rule the city, but since I’m not a big participator in the first two, I decided I should at least help myself to some rock n’ roll shows. Even the minor lesser known rock bands of today are getting pretty good at creating their own original types of music. I got the chance to experience one particular show where it seemed like their computer and keyboard player were the highlight of the performance, and he was able to make the guitars sound absolutely mind boggling. In Vegas, the Rock n Roll shows were what I really took out of the whole experience.

las vegas rock n roll

After Vegas, I found myself in Los Angeles, where all the performing artists believe  they have to go to make it. It’s certainly true that even though there are top level actors, actresses, and other performing artists, even those who aspire to get to that level are pretty good. I went to a couple dramatic plays, and I gotta say, the scene was so much spectacular than anything else that I’ve ever experience. There were definitely some high class people there with me, and I do believe there were probably a net worth of a billion dollars in that room, and there was a reason for it. Even the minor lesser known shows that I went to, the acting was magnificent, and the actors certainly do have much more potential than other shows that I want to.

los angeles plays

I gotta say, for those of us that love a good play, there is a lot for you to see if you go to the right place. Performing arts are certainly getting better, even if people are not paying as much attention to them. If you are looking to get outside of your house and away from the TV and electronics, there are definitely some people who still have the ability to wow you, you just have to look a little bit harder than using google.

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