Punk Music vs Corporations

I recently read a very interesting article that dived into the long lasting battle between punk music, and large corporations. This article discussing the sensation that punk style and music had on the population of people at the time. It also discusses the idea of the corporatizing of the people and the role money has in lives, no matter what. Punk music began as a deviant path that people who felt like the rejects of society went down. At first, the thought many had about this people was “ooh look at them crazy people, they’re disgusting.”  “As the use of the term ‘folk devil’ suggests, rather too much weight tends to be given to the sensational excesses of the tabloid press at the expense of the ambiguous reactions which are, after all, more typical” (Hebdidge).

punk rock

Any new style introduced to the public is answered with a sense of shock, before it becomes accepted. This quote means to say that the typical response of the media is shock, before they begin to run with it. Much of the same takes place nowadays. Punk music had the same effect as gangsta rap did on my generation that grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Being raised, I learned that that music and style is lame. Before I knew it, it became the popular style and everyone started to dress in baggy pants and wear big t shirts, lots of rings, necklaces, matching the styles of the artists they looked too. And like with any new style when monied interests found out that they could make profits off of this, they (probably) controlled the media into manipulating people that this was a cool style. For me, shows like Yo Momma, Pimp my Ride, and others glamorized this style, and pushed it from a subculture, to mainstream culture where it is today. Artists like Future, Bobby Shmurda, Young Thug are the influences of today’’s youth, and contribute to the styles we have today. Are they truly worth all the hype that they have generated, or was there an extra push behind the scenes to make sure icons like these made it to the screens of regular Americans? Whatever the case is, people became subdued by the idiocracy of the music, and humanity once again, regressed.

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