Green Day, Pansy Daisies, Metallica, and a Hardcore Message

I recently read an article about how the the hardcore punk concerts would change the mindsets of the people who attended. I have never read about such hardcore things going on in a concert, and such sexual acts going on. Their was this part about the band that opened for Green Day concerts early on, I think they were called something like the Pansy Daisies. What they did at their concerts was very interesting to me, and they were one of the first of their kind that has actually become somewhat of a movement today. I think they made a point to push homosexuality so much in front of people so that those that were homophobic started to understand it a little more. I’m blanking on the word, but its like when you see something so often, it doesn’t bother you anymore, you become numb to it. I think that is what these punk rockers want. I also enjoyed the part about Hanna, one of the punk rocker chicks who seemed to be all about woman power, “several girls at the front, in the very small pit, being shoved by boys. Hanna stopped the show, and refused to continue until the rest of the audience stopped these guys from misbehaving.” She seemed to completely be all about standing up for the women, and showing men that in this day and age, women have a voice, and they aren’t going to tolerate the misogyny in the world any more.

green day message 
I had somewhat of a revelation experience due to a performance I witnessed when I was in the 8th grade. It was my first concert, and I was psyched to see one of my favorite bands, Metallica. I prepped myself by watching all of their music videos and listening to many of their songs throughout their albums. Specifically, listening to their newest album at the time, Death Magnetic. This was where I really started to learn about war, and the terror behind it all. It caught me by surprise because I never could relate to what the concept of war really was and how it affected people. I honestly thought it was kind of cool. After watching their pretty realistic videos, I had a different idea going into the concert. Throughout the concert, I can see people all around wearing army like clothing. Camo clothing, bandannas, the sorts. And when they played one of their most famous songs One, a snippet of the lyrics in the song goes “Now that the war is through with me/I’m waking up, I cannot see/That there’s not much left of me/Nothing is real but pain now/ Hold my breath as I wish for death…”

metallica war message

I noticed the mosh pit that was going on the whole concert was not rambunctious. It caught my eye, and the lyrics caught my ears. The rest of the concert, as I was rocking out, the lyrics of every song started to relate to war to me. And the words they used didn’t make war sound cool anymore. They made me terrified. The was the pivotal point of my life where I started to be against war, and my friends and I started talking about the corruption around us. This headbanging metal actually had a message that we started paying attention too, and influenced the type of music that I would go on to appreciate for the rest of my life. Now I try to listen to music that the artists have a message behind it.

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