The Uninvited Show

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I like to support the roots of where I came from, so whenever I get the chance, I try to enjoy a local play and support the young talent in performing arts. This post revolves around a show I saw called, the Uninvited. The production of the Uninvited begins with a young, British individual by the name of Rodrick, touring through a cliff house along with his sister Pamela. They are a vivacious couple of people who are interested in purchasing this property. Rodrick is appeared to be a little skeptical purchasing the house, and argues that there are many flaws in the house and that it will not be worth whatever the asking price is.

During this tour, Stella, a young girl who lived in the house enters and begins talking the two into buying the house. Her grandfather, Commander Brooke arrives to the scene and begins discussing matters with the brother and sister. Rodrick, when talking with his sister and the Commander, points out all the problems with the house and acts as if he will be expecting to talk the Commander down on the price of the house. After discussing matter and the aspects of the house, and talking to his sister, Pamela, Rodrick is willing to make an offer on the house. He writes down on a piece of paper what he will pay, thinking it to be a very low price, and shows it to the Commander. To his surprise, the Commander accepts the price and begins talking about what they must do when living in the house.

Before the commander leave, he tells them they must leave the furniture and decorations as is. He also tells them that his granddaughter Stella isn’t to continue to be attached to the house, and finally he tells them the previous residents of the house left because they were worried about the house being haunted. The story continues, and the audience meets Stella. A bubbly young girl, who opens up quickly and tells Rodrick and Pamela at one point about her mother, Mary (who’s painting is on the wall) and what she knows of her. The play continues, and the audience is introduced to other characters in the play, the maid, another boisterous couple, a nosy neighbor, and a doctor. Late in the play, the characters begin to question who the ghost is, if it is Stella’s believed mother Mary, or if it is Stella’s actual mother. After holding a séance, everyone believes that Stella’s actual mother is not who she believes it is. At the climax of the play, a ghost tries to break into the house where Rodrick yells at it and scares it enough to make it leave the premise and not haunt anyone anymore.

the uninvited sac city


I thought the play was well put together and the actor’s and tech crew seemed well prepared for the show. A few others signed up to usher with me at the event and I am quite glad I did so. I had the opportunity to greet the guests to show as they began to arrive to the show and was able to see how excited they were to see a play performed by college students, likely with relatives or friends performing in the play. I really was impressed with the actor’s abilities to become the characters that they were representing in the play. The actor’s became the characters and really jumped into the skin of them. There was only one instance where I can even remember the characters messing up on a line in the play, and it was really just a little bit of stuttering. It was very easy to see how the happy the actors were to be a part of the play, this really extended to the audience and made me happy to be able to see the play. I feel like when actors really appear to enjoy doing something they love, it really helps get the audience into the play and be happy for the actors. Overall I was glad I was able to see the play, and it made me really appreciate how much work it takes to construct that kind of production and make it into a piece of art.

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