The Struggle of an Actor with Dyslexia

Almost certainly one of the chief confrontations kids with dyslexia tackle isn’t essentially reading or inscription. Kids distressed with dyslexia frequently experience segregation, low spirits, and isolation.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Nancy—-a lawyer by profession. Yeah! I can say this with confidence because I’m a single mom of a dyslexic child and I have gone through the agony of sharing the anguish my valuable son, John.

My son is at this time 23 years of age and has been a winning student; however managing to deal with his schooling, and his educational annoyance, was a confrontation I gained knowledge of. Just the once, I identified the difficulty that was afflicting my extremely bright son, I hit upon it to act in response with a way out for any concern he brought up.

The prime step was bringing in an instructor who would appreciate the trouble and could embark upon any dexterity shortfall that John had. Subsequently, I had to locate a school that was set up to use his abilities, and not simply concentrate on all the spelling inaccuracies, more or less unreadable scribble and so forth.

dyslexic actor

During the college years, I had to discover a professional in dyslexia who could clarify the brain variance between those afflicted with dyslexia and the non-dyslexic ones.  I read as many books on dyslexia as I could and almost became an expert speaker on this topic. I learned for the first time in my life that dyslexia is a harm of the brain that produces nuisance with interpreting inscribed imagery into speech. Furthermore, the parents, as well as the patient, have to transform their outlook toward this state. Rather than considering it as a trouble, one must learn to consider it as an exceptional reward. One must appreciate the irritation one experiences and make use of this power to one’s benefit. The patient has to accept that they are exclusive. Also, they should not think that are dull, sluggish, or unwise. As an alternative, they should perceive themselves as resourceful, talented, and competent enough to consider the globe in an exclusive way.


Dyslexics can be ingenious and can engage in recreation making use of their intellect. With rehearsal, they are talented to straightforwardly take in a lot of facts and figures. Once they have become skilled at doing this properly, they can instruct themselves regarding anything and everything. Since the brain gains an understanding of hum and jingle sooner than words, therefore melody should be utilized as a teaching tool.

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